Kindred Shins
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Kindred Shins are well known for creating myths, but it's a lesser known fact that…

  • They created the word gullible, which they later traded for a meringue.
  • They shot the sheriff and the deputy, they are stone cold motherfuckers.
  • They once beat Enrique Inglesias at poker and took his mole as payment.
  • They once smelt what The Rock was cooking, and didn't like it, not one bit.
  • They invented the flavour brown, later to be used in brown sauce.
  • They started the first ever rumour.

They are flamboyant, gun totting, smut peddling troubadours that were first flung together for the Winter Olympics of 1988 for the Jamaican bobsled team. They produced a blistering performance, setting a world record pace before their accident cruelly robbed them of their deserved medal.

Despite their success and returning to their homeland as heroes the work quickly dried up. After a series of ill fated business ventures and the untimely death of John Candy they found themselves living on the mean streets of trench town.

They quickly formed a skiffle band and played to the local trampista to hone their skills before taking their act to the local cabaret shows around town. Due to their acerbic charm and grotesquely pretty features they started to gain notoriety and also reclaim their riches and social standing.

At first they succumbed to the pleasures of the flesh, ending their famine of decadence, they soon came to the conclusion that they were old too soon and smart too late. They decided to donate all the money they were making to Adin Drakmer and continued to live on the streets and make the music that you listen to today.

They are renowned for being lethal on the dance floor and are historically a letdown in the bedroom but don't let that put you off trying to be the first one to coax a resounding performance out of them.

Someone, somewhere, wins the lottery every single day…